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Services and clinics

We offer a wide range of specialised services and clinics that you might find useful:

Health tests

We offer Health Checks to all newly registered patients, “Well Person” checks for other patients, and annual checks for patients over 75 on request. These are carried out by the nurses, and include blood pressure checks, urine testing and life-style advice. (Menu ↑)


These are offered from the age of 25 years, every 3 years until 49 years, and every 5 years from the ages 50 to 64. It is an important cancer prevention measure for all women who have ever been sexually active. When your smear is due, you will receive a written reminder in the post. Smears can be performed by the doctors or nurses. The test is most reliable if performed mid-cycle.

You will receive the result in the post 6-8 weeks later; if you haven’t heard by this time, please contact the surgery. (Menu ↑)


The doctors offer advice on all forms of contraception and some fit coils.>

The pill: Routine pill checks are performed by the nurses every 6-12 months.

Morning-after pill: Available by seeing the duty doctor or nurses. Although most effective in the first 24 hours, it can still be taken with some benefit up to 72 hours after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure (including missed pills). (Menu ↑)

Stop smoking

Help is available from the doctors and nurses at Shepherds Spring, or from the NHS. (Menu ↑)

NHS quit smoking help line: 0800 169 0 169


Travel vaccinations

We offer a full range of vaccinations for foreign travel. For all advice and information regarding foreign travel please make an appointment with the practice nurse 4-6 weeks before departure so that immunisation can be completed. You will be expected to fill in a travel risk questionnaire prior to your appointment so please ensure you arrive in time to complete it before the nurse sees you. Please note that not all travel vaccinations are free of charge. (Menu ↑)


Ante-natal: checks are performed by the mid-wives who will discuss a number of maternity related issues with you, including ante-natal testing and where you wish to have your baby.

Births: Andover Hospital has a mid-wife run maternity unit for straightforward births and post-natal care.

Post-natal: checks for the mother are usually performed by the doctors at 6 weeks after the birth. (Menu ↑)

Child health clinic

Child development checks, including baby checks at 6-8 weeks, are performed by
Dr Thomas by appointment on Wednesday afternoon, from 1.45 p.m. to 3.15 p.m. The Health visitors also run baby clinics on Wednesday afternoon to help with any problems you may have, and advise on care of pre-school children. Baby immunisations are by invitation on Wednesday afternoon. Please discuss with the nurses if you are unable to make this time. (Menu ↑)

Minor surgery

We are able to perform a number of minor surgical procedures at Andover hospital or at the surgery, depending on suitability. A cryotherapy service (freezing) for warts and verrucae is run by Dr Hoole at regular clinics in the surgery. The medical and nursing staff can advise you. The doctors also offer joint and soft tissue injections for appropriate conditions. (Menu ↑)

Cardiac clinic

Run by Dr Beanlands and Practice Nurse Maggie Craig. (Menu ↑)

Asthma clinic

Run by Practice Nurses. (Menu ↑)

Diabetes clinic

Run by Dr Pawley. (Menu ↑)

Private medicals

We offer private medicals, HGV and taxi medicals and insurance medicals. Please ask at reception. (Menu ↑)