Shepherds Spring Medical Centre

Patient Reference Group

Patient Reference Group

The role of the Patient Reference Group is to:

  • Represent patients’ interests
  • Facilitate relationships between patients and the practice
  • Provide a forum for patient feedback
  • Devise and conduct patient surveys
  • Suggest improvement to service levels
  • Publish information, facts and figures

Your Patient Reference Group representatives are:

  • Pamela Mutton (Chairperson)
  • Catherine Hill
  • Lesley Ward
  • Tom and Margaret Watson

More Information

History: The group was originally set up as a Patient Participation Group in November 2009 but has now evolved into a Patient Reference Group.

Responsibility: Part of the group’s responsibility is to conduct an annual Survey so patients and the group can tell the practice what they need to improve, as well as what they do well.

Participating: If you are interested in becoming a member of this forum please contact the Practice Manager who will forward your details to the PRG.


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