Shepherds Spring Medical Centre

Shepherds Spring Medical Centre Group Clinic Agreement

By joining this group clinic, I agree that:

  1. I am happy to share relevant information about my health condition. For example, this might include my blood pressure or cholesterol levels. These results appear on a “results board” which supports group discussion and my learning
  1. I am happy to have a one-to-one discussion with the clinic team about my concerns. I understand other members of the group listen, and in turn I listen to their one-to-one discussions. This means we can all benefit from hearing and understanding our common problems and finding solutions.
  1. I am under no obligation to share any other personal information with the group, unless I choose to do so. If I have health concerns that I don’t want to discuss in the group setting, I may choose to book a separate consultation with my healthcare professional.
  1. All information I learn about group members is confidential. I agree that I will not record nor share any information about other members of the group in conversations outside the group verbally, on social media, or in any other public forum.
  1. At any time, I can withdraw my consent to participate in the group clinic and book a standard telephone or face to face consultation with my clinician. I will still maintain confidentiality as in (4) above for any information that has been shared within the group.
  1. If I am more than 5 minutes late, I may not be able to join the session.

If, after reading this agreement, you no longer wish to attend the Group Clinic, please contact us so that we can allocate your place and help another person keep well and improve their health.